Mobile Apps 101: App Development Trends to Watch Out For

Mobile Apps 101: App Development Trends to Watch Out For

These Are The New Trends, Try To Keep Up

Are you planning to create a mobile app for your new online business? Before taking any major step on that new project, you should do comprehensive research first. Read more about mobile app development, and how it is associated with software app architecture.

The world of mobile application development is constantly growing and changing, bringing about new game-changing trends once in a while. Functionality should always be one of the priorities.

We are now experiencing massive changes in the app architecture as businesses are changing how they create applications, specifically mobile apps.

In order to be successful in your own ventures, there are many of crucial aspects you should focus on. Keep in mind that the changes happening now will function as the harbingers of greater changes in software.

Context is key. This means that mobile apps of the future would need to gather details on user behavior and activities to provide good user experience.  From time, day and speed to location and environmental conditions, you should look into how your users are moving. Learn how to understand your users’ attitude depending on their actions relative to contextual details.

HTML5, as well as other related technologies, are already represented in various mobile app devices. However, there is almost always a dependence on customization in order to make native app programming interface calls. This is the reason why businesses are providing many frameworks to help out HTML5. Thus, Nitobi, Sencha and Appcelerator are already making good money.


Do you know that HTML5 has been very problematic in many mobile developments? There are lot of comments around the internet regarding its troubles.

It seems that HTML5 is not the right option for some apps like 3D, real-time multiplayer games with complex physics models.

So, at the end of the day, every implementer has to create determination depending on their needs and resources.

A mobile app is definitely good for your business. Creating an app is one thing, and managing it in the long run is another complex aspect. Don’t just put it in the app store, and leave it there. You should have a solid plan to maintain it.

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