How to Choose the Right Color for Your Watch?

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Watch?

Women have the luxury of choosing how many accessories they can put on their bodies and it will still be socially acceptable. A man doesn’t share the same luxury, however, and they are only limited to wearing a watch and nothing else.
That being said, you may have a collection of men’s watches at your disposal but you want to buy one that is more colorful than others. Sure enough, the color of the watch itself can either spark conversation or it will remain a subtle accessory.
Now, if you are thinking about buying a watch based on its color, then read further to find out how you can choose the right color for your needs.

Choose One Based on Your Skin Color

There is a reason why the silver metal watchband and the black or white-colored watch face are popular choices when choosing a watch and that is simply because the colors match no matter what skin color you have.
Therefore, if you are going to veer away from the classic silver/black or white combo, you should factor in your skin’s color.
Generally speaking, men with white complexion should choose a watch that has darker tones. Think about a blue watch face and blue strap. Men who have a darker complexion would fare well with lighter colors. A gold watch strap with a black or white watch face certainly gives a good impression.

Choose One Based on Your Personality

Another factor to consider when choosing the color of your watch is your personality. If you are a bubbly person, going for more fun colors would make sense. If you are a person with a subdued personality, simpler colors would suffice.

Choose One Based on Your Wardrobe

Thinking like a woman when it comes to choosing your watch can make sense as well. You see, women would often mix and match their accessories based on the clothes that they wear. The basic idea is that they want everything to look harmoniously well.
That being said, when choosing the color of your watch, you have to think about the clothes that you want to pair the watch with. The best advice I can give you is to think about the color of your belt and shoes as the watch’s band would often compliment the two. This is especially true if we are talking about a leather strap.
For instance, if you usually wear a brown belt and brown leather shoes, then a brown leather strap would definitely make sense. A blue strap is also nice if you are wearing black shoes and a black leather belt.

Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

What’s great about colors is that you can actually mix and match and experiment to your heart’s content. Who knows, you might come up with a combination that is unorthodox but works damn well. Let your creative side loose!
It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with color psychology so that you can better understand the different colors and how it is used in different contexts.

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