How Can a Reliable Web Hosting Provider Affect Your SEO?

How Can a Reliable Web Hosting Provider Affect Your SEO?

Are you looking for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia to upgrade your web hosting plan? If you think your website is growing fast, then it’s really time for you to make adjustments, and upgrade. Many business owners and bloggers take website hosting lightly, without realizing that it can make a huge impact on their SEO rankings.

A reputable hosting provider can impact a website’s SEO performance in various ways. While it doesn’t guarantee an increase in SEO ranking, it can help you a lot in fulfilling your SEO goals a lot faster. So, have you found a new website host that can help you meet the current needs of your website?

What does web hosting affect, in terms of search engine optimization?

Website Speed

Your website speed is one of the most crucial components that impact SEO rankings. You should have a website that loads fast in order to enhance SEO, and give people an improved user experience. Do you know that great website speed can generate more conversions? 

A responsive, quick website that ranks high on search engines sometimes begins with a good hosting provider with quality data center and hardware.

Website Availability

If your web pages are always down, a quick loading time wouldn’t really make a big difference. If your website’s downtime is that long, SEO rankings would surely drop.

Search engines like Google don’t redirect people to websites which are constantly unavailable. Keep in mind that uptime is very important, since it can improve both SEO rankings and online reputation. 

Your web host should have fast servers in order to deliver a minimum of 99.9% uptime. 

Website’s Security

Hackers and other cybercriminals are constantly looking for new ways to upload malware into servers. This is the reason why website security is always crucial. Your website host must be able to deliver reliable security to your web pages, since having a vulnerable website will lead not only to income loss but also identity theft.

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