8 Developmental Toys Your Baby Must Try Out

8 Developmental Toys Your Baby Must Try Out


There are tons of baby toys and baby bath accessories in Malaysia, so it’s normal to get overwhelmed and stressed out. Don’t forget to buy baby books for your little one, though. Board books and cloth books are practically indestructible, and would serve your baby well. 

Stackable cups

Stackable cups are great baby developmental toys that can teach children about object permanence. You can hide little items under these cups, and play a game of lifting them for exciting reveals. 

Easy-to-hold balls

Hollow balls with holes help babies refine their grasping skills. 

Teething toys

Teething usually starts at around 6 months. Expect gum pains to begin sooner. Many parents start to see pearl-like buds peeping through as early as 4 months. 


The next time you watch your kid play with a rattle, check how he exercises his arm strength and hand grip while shaking it around. 

Activity mats

Many activity mats come with cool toys that can be hanged overhead. However, these can be over-stimulating for newborns. For now, what you can do is remove all the clip-on overhead toys. Place the mat at the top of a rug to make a comfortable, clean place for tummy time. 

Music-playing device

Your baby’s hearing is one of the senses that mature much earlier. This is the reason why music can have a stimulating, calming effect on him. Play soothing songs for him, or if you want, you can also sing to him yourself. 


Babies don’t begin to really color until around 3 months. Find a mobile that has black and white, high contrast decorations. 

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