5 Common Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make

5 Common Sleep Mistakes New Parents Make

  • Stop room-sharing after 6 months.

According to experts, parents must not room share beyond 6 months. It’s true that some infants may wake up in the middle of the evening if they smell or hear their parents nearby. This is the reason why it’s important for them to have their own room, so they can sleep more soundly. Don’t feel pressured about this, though.

  • Never let a high-tech baby monitor make you feel overly anxious and over-confident.

Baby monitors are very useful, yet keep in mind that these won’t let you avoid baby sleep mistakes. Signing up for biometric data and alerts, as well as glancing to monitors, are not the alternatives to developing a secure, safe sleep environment for your baby. Don’t be too complacent. Always follow safe baby sleep guidelines. 


  • Never assume that the mellow sleepy newborn stage will last forever.

If you think that your baby would easily fall asleep forever, milk drunk, you are wrong. Some infants sleep randomly all throughout the evening early on, though this doesn’t mean that it would continue in the long run. Baby sleeping patterns vary a lot. 

  • Falling asleep on the couch with your newborn in your arms is dangerous.

Falling asleep while on the sofa, with a baby on your chest, may appear special and comfortable, but it’s actually dangerous. This type of sleeping habit is a serious mistake. In fact, it is considered as way more dangerous compared to co-sleeping on the bed. 

  • Don’t let your baby sleep in the car seat.

Are you looking for a new car sear or baby carrier in Malaysia? Make sure to lose it well. According to professionals, allowing your baby to sleep on a car seat that is on the floor is definitely a safety hazard, since the head of the baby may fall forward, cutting off her airways. It’s a lot safer to let the kid nap on the car seat while it is installed in the car, or attached to the base. Just remember, don’t let your newborn sleep on the car seat overnight.

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