5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

5 Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Don’t depend on just one traffic source.

To be successful in the affiliate marketing industry, you need to own your audience. Don’t “rent” them. This means that you must not only rely on one traffic source. Don’t just depend on Facebook. Improve your reach on other social networking sites. Why not start your YouTube affiliate marketing strategy in Malaysia? It’s also crucial to focus on your affiliate website. 

Optimize your affiliate website for mobile.

If you are redirecting traffic to pages which are not mobile friendly, then you are losing tons of promising opportunities and commissions. Having a mobile-friendly website is a great strategy for out-raking competitors. Don’t let yourself be left behind. 

Be at the forefront of seasonal and breakout trends.

Marketers have been leveraging on trends for quite a while now. However, new trends emerge arise from time to time, creating several multi-million dollar niches each year. When it comes to taking note of the latest trends, Google Trends is your best friend. You can use it identify seasonal trends in specific industries and niches. 

Pay more attention to topic targeting, not keyword targeting.

Google’s attempt to lessen the emphasis on keyword targeting has not exactly been subtle. From removing keyword targeting in AdWords to keyword data in Google Analytics, it is becoming more difficult for digital marketers to target keywords. This may appear bad news, but consider it as a blessing in disguise. Why? Well, it encourages the shift to long-tail keywords and traffic. 

Feel free to experiment with different content formats.

Try different content formats in recommending different affiliate products. Continuously look for new ideas that can help you make alternative formats. 

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