4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Help You Increase Your Site’s Traffic Today

4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Help You Increase Your Site’s Traffic Today

4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Help You Increase Your Site’s Traffic Today

It is safe to say that almost all businesses today have their own websites. Typical reasons why they’ve established their own webpages would include increased revenue and of course, increased brand exposure.

I am willing to bet that your butcher also has a website of their own. If you are happy with the number of visitors that go to your site, then this article isn’t for you. However, if you want to further increase your site’s traffic, then read on.

Here’s the catch: you might need to do some additional work, though. The good thing is that I am going to present some white hat SEO techniques that recommended by SEO service packages and work 100% of the time. No shady tactics, no dubious schemes, just clean ole SEO.

  • Enlist Yourself Online

Many people who actively search for something usually rely on location-based services. For instance, if a person wants a good Hamburger joint in Cleveland and your business is in Philadelphia, then your business will not be on the list that Google provides them.

However, if people are looking for a similar place in your area, then depending on how you improve your SEO strategy is, you’re going to have a chance of being featured on the Maps as well.

That being said, what are the things that you need to do? Well, first you need to sign up for a Google My Business account. Ensure that every detail is not overlooked and be sure that the information you have provided is true and updated.

Also, you can enlist your business in your local listings such as Yelp, My Yellow Pages, and so on.

The good thing about getting yourself enlisted is that most, if not all, of the listing services, are for free.

  • Create Evergreen Content

Content is still king in this day and age when it comes to search engine optimization and you do know how important it is for you to get ranked higher, right?

You will need to create a lot of articles so that your website will be deemed as regularly updated. That may sound a bit too tedious, but it has to be done.

However, there is a technique that allows your content to stay relevant for years to come. You do this by creating content, such as a “Top list” but you do so without including the actual year.

So, you could say something like “the best foods this year” instead of “the best foods in 2018”. Doing so will allow your content to flourish indefinitely. Furthermore, you also have to change your page’s URL to match the content as well.

Here’s the thing: for you to create consistent evergreen content, all you have to do is revisit your articles and any updates that are relevant to your article. You usually only have to add a few entries and that’s it.

  • Harness the Power of YouTube

4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Help You Increase Your Site’s Traffic Today

4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Help You Increase Your Site’s Traffic Today

People like to watch videos more than reading text articles. In fact, a recent survey suggests that video content will more likely take over by the year 2021.

That being said, if you did not utilize this platform before, now may be the time to do so. Create videos that provide information in a unique and fun way to entice your customers to watch it until the end.

  • Never Forget to Use the Right Tools

Keywords are still essential in this day and age, so use the right keyword search tools to help you find the best ones. In addition, you have to track your performance by using Google Analytics and similar tools so that you can measure your progress.

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